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Zuli is a different little girl. Her blue color makes other children stare and, sometimes, mock her too. In this story, Zuli learns to have self-confidence and she teaches other kids that differences make us who we are and can be used to achieve great things.

This stunning story teaches children to appreciate the differences that exist between people, no matter how diverse we may be. In a subtle way, the story deals with relevant topics such as inclusion and the appreciation of diversity. The protagonist learns to accept and love herself, leaving a beautiful reflection about self-esteem.


WE RECOMMEND TO ACCOMPANY THE BOOK WITH THE REST OF OUR ASSOCIATED PRODUCTS OF ZULI! We have a Zuli rag doll, the Zuli tutu, the Zuli puzzle, and, of course, the Spanish version of the book: “Azulada”.


This book is the English version of “Azulada” (in Spanish), which has been very successful in Chile and Latin American countries. The Spanish version was edited by Editorial Azafrán in 2020 and this translation keeps the amazing illustration work of the Chilean artist María del Pilar Parro (@piliparro). The author is the Chilean teacher and journalist Carol Neumann (@carolneumann), who worked alongside with the translator, Annjeanette Martin, to ensure the gist and rhymes of the book remain the same as the Spanish version. The production of “Zuli, a book about inclusion” was conducted by Minilupa Limitada in 2022.

Carol is one of the founders of Minilupa Limitada. She works as a professor in a School of Education in Chile and has a Master's Degree in Education from Columbia University (NYC).


“Zuli, a book about inclusion” is aligned with the Preschool Education Curricular Bases from Chile and many countries around the world and it seeks to make children aware, from an early age, of the relevance of inclusion.


"I hope that parents and children can enjoy this book together; educators and their students; grandparents and grandchildren; older brothers with younger brothers, and let the list go on.".

(Carol Neumann, @carolautora)


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